Data Exchange Template (Schema Development) Workgroup

– NOTE: Workgroups 3 and 4 will be transitioning over to an Integrated Project Team (IPT) format within the EPA Exchange Network governance structure in early 2014. The agenda and minutes will be published under the ‘Governance’ main menu. Many thanks to our Workgroup membership for their efforts on this project.

This workgroup is charged with defining the format(s) by which data can be exchanged between the states. They will begin by identifying the data elements necessary for exchanging water use and availability data. Once the data elements are agreed upon, they will work to develop a data exchange schema (a standard format using eXtensible Markup Language (XML) for transferring data). This draft schema will guide the development efforts of this project. The schema will not be finalized until after the system has been thoroughly tested.

This workgroup will be comprised of technical members of state staff and will require that members are very familiar with the state data systems, and the types of data that those systems contain. The workgroup should also have members who are knowledgeable in what data are required by various water availability models.


  • Defined List of Data Elements (Draft – For Review Only): This draft list of data elements defines what data elements will be exchanged as part of WaDE. Also see the WaDE Data Graphic.
  • Data Exchange Template (Excel) (Draft – For Review Only): A descriptive document that provides detailed information for each data element, the order in which the data element falls within the schema, expected formats, and the XML name for each element.
  • Current Data Exchange Schema v0.2 (Draft – For Review Only): An .xsd (schema) file that defines the expected format of XML data exchanges. The schema is the XML representation of the data exchange template. Open the WC_Wade_v0.2.xsd file in an XML viewer of your choice. XMLPad, a free XML viewer can be downloaded from here.
  • Example XML Files: Example files that follow the schema and conform with the rules defined in the data exchange template. These files are for demonstration purposes only, and are meant to provide insight into how data can be mapped to the data exchange schema.
  • WaDE Database Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) (Draft). This file is for demonstration purposes only, and is meant to provide insight into how data can be mapped to the data exchange schema.


Meetings for this workgroup are slated to resume in May 2013 with a review of v 0.2 of the WaDE schema changes.

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