Western States Federal Agency
Support Team (WestFAST)

A 12 Agency Collaboration Platform since 2008

What We Do

WestFAST supports a continued commitment on the part of Federal and State organizations to work with local, Tribal, and other stakeholders to improve the effectiveness of collaboration and seek solutions to water issues across Western States.

About WestFAST

The Western States Federal Agency Support Team (WestFAST) was formally organized in 2008 in response to the Western Governors’ Association’s recommendation to facilitate correlation of federal activities and to develop and enhance collaborative partnerships among state and federal agencies working on priority water-resource issues. Today, WestFAST is a collaboration of twelve Federal agencies with water management responsibilities in the West.

WestFAST works closely with the Western States Water Council striving to accomplish effective cooperation among western states, and their partners, in the understanding, conservation, development and management of water resources. The twelve WestFAST federal agencies form a dynamic, flexible team that provides the opportunity for interaction initiated by WSWC, individual states, or the federal government.

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Monthly Newsletters

WestFAST Federal-State Collaboration: Report and Repository

This report is a primer on Federal/State positions on collaboration for use by those interacting in the issues of water resources in the West.  You can download the report here: Review of Policies, Perspectives, and Expectations for Federal/State Collaboration in...

NASA Technology Transfer

Many water managers recognize the value of NASA capabilities for decision support, but they find it challenging to use the data operationally. Water managers sometimes may also lack the technical resources needed to access, process, or analyze the information for...

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Regional and State Water Infrastructure Solutions

Building and maintaining water infrastructure across the United States is a complex undertaking requiring state, federal, tribal, local, and private resources. The Federal Government has a vast array of programs that provide water infrastructure technical and funding...

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“WestFAST has been a great success and the concept of WestFAST has made the Western States Water Council a greater success.”

Hal Simpson

Former WSWC Chair and Colorado State Engineer

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WestFAST is part of the Western States Water Council. If you have questions, please contact the WestFAST Liaison or Chair 


Western States Water Council Office

682 East Vine Street, Suite 7
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Julie Groat
WSWC Administrative Assistant

Heather Hofman

Heather Hofman

WestFAST Liaison

Roger Gorke

Roger Gorke

WestFAST Chair