Water Data Exchange (WaDE) Program

Western States Water Data Sharing Platform Since 2011

What We Do

The WaDE Program is committed to assisting WSWC member states in publicly sharing water rights, allocation, supply, and use data through a common streamlined and standardized service that enables regional analyses to inform water resources planning and policies.

WaDE Data System

Develop and grow the Water Data Exchange (WaDE) Program that streamlines access to water rights and water use data and build interoperable data connections with federal data services

Workshops and Webinars

Organize the Water Information Management Systems (WIMS) workshops and webinars as a forum for WSWC members to learn, share, and exchange ideas specific to water information and data management.


Publish reports, journal articles, and regional data analysis to better inform water resources planning and policymaking

About WaDE

 How much water is there? What is its quality? How is it currently being used? Improving our water data infrastructure, quality, and availability is one of the country’s most pressing challenges, but it is one that will enable us to more sustainably manage our most precious resource. To address this challenge, the Western States Water Council (WSWC) aimed to formulate a strategy and to develop a framework for its member states to begin to share important water supply, water use, and water administration datasets with each other, with federal partners, and with the public, called the Water Data Exchange. 

WaDE Governance

WaDE is governed by the WSWC’s Water Information and Data Subcommittee (WIDS), comprised of members within WSWC that have a strong interest in how data are used to make water resource management decisions. To address different facets of the WaDE effort, the WIDS subcommittee assisted in convening four workgroups: WIDS meets semi-annually to discuss the future direction of WaDE, and to plan Water Information Management Symposium (WIMS) topics and needs. WIMS meetings are intended to address the special needs of water information regarding data management, reporting, data-gathering, quality control, and data publication.

WaDE Program Updates

WIDS Summer Meeting – August 2021

Water Information and Data Subcommittee (WIDS) Summer Meeting – August 2021 Meeting Summary The meeting was attended by 40 experts on water and data including guests from the Interstate Council on Water Policy (ICWP) Water Data & Science Committee. The meeting...

WaDE 2.0 Data Dictionary (Draft)

Background The WaDE data dictionary is a product of a 10-year effort among the western 18 states for an agreed-upon common metadata schema implemented in a centralized data system that is used for sharing water rights and water use data to enable regional analysis...

Meetings and Webinars

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Reports and Publications

I have always felt that the collaboration with WSWC was one of the best in my career.  I also feel WaDE is one of the driving forces and catalyst for how USGS water use data has developed and expanded over the years.  

Molly Maupin

Former National Water-Use Science Project Lead, USGS

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The WaDE Program is part of the Western States Water Council.  If you have questions, contact the Program Manager

Western States Water Council Office

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Julie Groat
Administrative Assistant

Adel Abdallah

Adel Abdallah

WaDE Program Manager

Ryan James

Ryan James

Data Analyst / Hydroinformatics Specialist