(2019) WSWC/NASA Technology Transfer for Water Management in the Western United States

WSWC/NASA Technology Transfer for Water Management in the Western United States, 2019

OVERVIEW:  The Western States Water Council (WSWC) is sponsoring a workshop on technology transfer for water management in the western United States with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s (NASA) Western Water Applications Office on August 7-9, 2019 in Irvine, California.

NASA provides data and information to assist state, local and federal water agencies in responding to complex problems through its Earth observations, tools and scientific expertise.  Water managers recognize the value of NASA’s capabilities for decision support, but it has been challenging to use the data operationally.  Similarly, other federal and state agencies face challenges related to transitioning research projects to improve operations and management.

This workshop will bring together NASA scientists with partners from federal and state agencies that have experience with technology transfer to identify best practices to streamline the process and communicate the need to actively plan for an effective transition.

1.  Build agency partnerships and a network of experts to facilitate the application and transition of technology from NASA to water resources management for decision support;
2.  Discover and document best practices for successful application transition; and
3.  Identify current barriers to technology transfer and establish pathways to overcome those barriers.

AGENDA:   Agenda NASA-WWAO WSWC Technology Transfer Workshop

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Aug 07 - 09 2019


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