Building a Water Rights Database: The Bureau of Reclamation and WestDAAT

In this webinar, we will learn about the Bureau of Reclamation’s recent effort to build an internal water rights database. The WSWC’s release of its Western Water Data Access and Analysis Tool (WestDAAT) and supporting use cases provides a consistent picture of regional water rights data.  Reclamation has identified and verified over 1,350 water rights in four regional offices using WSWC data and mapping tools.  The WestDAAT team has worked closely with Reclamation to coordinate and enhance its exiting water rights database. Join us to learn more!

Presenters: Tony Willardson, Executive Director of WSWC;  Ryan James, Data Analyst for WestDAAT; Darion Mayhorn, Operations and Maintenance Branch Supervisor at the Bureau of Reclamation, Jesus Hernandez, Program Analyst at the Bureau of Reclamation; and Ginger Dill, Program Analyst at the Bureau of Reclamation.

Join the Webinar here.

Or join by phone at: +1 202-640-1187, 419551187#


Jun 25 2024


Mountain Time
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm
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