EPA’s Water Innovation Fund

Water Innovation Fund

The Water Funder Initiative is (WFI) is a collaborative effort to identify and activate promising water solutions through strategic philanthropic investments in the U.S., starting in the West where the scarcity and reliability of clean water are urgent issues. The goal of the Water Innovation Fund (“the Fund”) is to accelerate the adoption of promising water innovations by small and mid-sized utilities (SMUs) that are likely to improve system cost structures, resilience and performance. To do this, the Fund will leverage a small portion of the existing cash-balances in the SRFs, alongside philanthropic capital to support early adoption of promising innovations by SMUs.

2017 Webinar #1 (June 22, 2017, 10am, MDT) – NASA Satellite Data and Hydrology Tools

Daniel Wood presented an update on the use of satellite data for water management, and the tools that NASA is developing to assist with hydrology modeling. For the presentation, click here. For a recording of the webinar, please click here.



Aug 24 2017


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