The Importance of Base Flow in Sustaining Surface Water Flow in the Upper Colorado River Basin

USGS Research Hydrologist Matthew Miller provided a briefing on a recent study describing how scientists used a new method to more accurately estimate the percentage of groundwater in streamflow, finding that more than half of the streamflow in the Upper Colorado River Basin originates as groundwater. A model has been developed to assess the spatial distribution of base flow, the fraction of streamflow supported by base flow, and estimates of and potential processes contributing to the amount of base flow that is lost during in-stream transport in the Upper Colorado River Basin.

Study findings and resulting modeling tools can aid decision makers in effectively managing current and future water resources in the Colorado River Basin.

Click here to see presentation slides.

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The report – “The importance of base flow in sustaining surface water flow in the Upper Colorado River Basin” By Miller and other was recently published in the journal Water Resources Research – click here to access the report.

Links to press releases and news coverage of this study.

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