Update on the National Drought Resilience Partnership, next steps, and WestFAST Roles

The interagency National Drought Resilience Partnership (NDRP) was established in 2013 as part of President Obama’s Climate Action Plan to help communities better prepare for future droughts and reduce the impact of drought events on livelihoods and the economy. WestFAST was briefed on the progress and products of the NDRP including the activities of the Upper Missouri River Basin: Building Drought Early Warning Capability in Montana demonstration project. The Upper Missouri River Basin Project, sponsored by NIDIS, the National Drought Mitigation Center, Environmental Protection Agency and the Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation, is a demonstration of how preparedness can be improved when federal agencies go “all in” to develop a long-term drought strategy. We will also discuss NDRP next steps as defined in recent White House Drought symposia and potential WestFAST roles in the facilitating implementation of those steps. The briefing was led by Roger Gorke (EPA, WestFAST Chair) and Tina Laidlaw (EPA, Region 8) representatives from the Upper Missouri Basin Project.

Click here to see the Montana demonstration project work plan. Click here to view a copy of the presentation.


Jan 28 2016


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