Denver Water’s Post-Fire Lessons Learned: Why It’s a Smart Business Decision to Invest in Forest and Watershed Resilience.

Presenter: Christina Burri, Watershed Scientist, Denver Water

Christina will share about Denver Water’s proactive investments in watershed health, and the lessons learned from past fires. Denver Water is experiencing a return on investment through forest and watershed health commitments, and Christina will explain why investing in forest and watershed health is a smart business decision for Denver Water. Christina will provide a summary of the long-term costs of being reactive after catastrophic wildfires, and what Denver Water is doing to recover after past fires. The participants will learn why it matters to invest in forest and watershed health, and how connections can be made across all levels of government to leverage resources for watershed investments.

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Nov 18 2021


Mountain Time
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

The event is finished.