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WSWC Fall Council Meeting Recap, Deadwood, SD

For stills of the photos above and access to the Fall Council Meeting information, including presentations, click here.

Tony’s email following the meeting:

“We hope by now everyone has arrived home safely!  Having shortened our meetings to allow for an early departure on Thursday, I am aware that many were able to drive or catch early flights out that day. Several of us stayed in Rapid City to await Friday flights that were cancelled repeatedly due to the blizzard.  The city lost power Saturday, which wasn’t restored until Sunday evening, and the airport wasn’t opened until Monday.

Council staff and [some council members] were at one hotel, while [others were stuck at another adjacent hotel]. Several of us finally drove our rental cars to Salt Lake City and Denver on Sunday, with a few still in Rapid City awaiting flights Monday morning.

We are grateful that despite the inclement weather and inconvenience everyone appears to have made it out safely.  Thanks for everyone’s patience and understanding with the abbreviated meetings! We will post some pictures on the website later to provide some evidence of the magnitude of the storm!  Anyone that would like to share photos, please email them to staff.”