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National Water Reuse Action Plan

On December 16, 2019, the WSWC commented on the EPA’s notice and request for comments on the proposed National Water Reuse Action Plan (84 FR 48612) posted on September 16, 2019.

In 2011, the WSWC completed a report titled “Water Reuse in the West: State Programs and Institutional Issues.” The report consists primarily of narrative summaries for each member state based on a survey circulated to the states in 2010. The report contains information pertaining to each state’s: (1) laws and regulations governing reuse; (2) available funding options for reuse projects; (3) legal, political, technical, and institutional issues that encourage or discourage reuse; and (4) specific state efforts to encourage reuse or overcome barriers. A number of states also provided information on their existing water reuse projects, included in an appendix.


Many of our states have made considerable progress over the past decade in developing water reuse laws, funding mechanisms, public outreach, and projects. At our Summer 2019 Council Meetings, our members determined that it would be beneficial to update this report. We believe that doing so will not only benefit our member states, but will also help fulfill one of the 46 proposed actions in your draft National Water Reuse Action Plan. Action 2.2.1 seeks to coordinate and integrate federal, state, tribal, and local water reuse programs and policies by compiling state policies and approaches to implement water reuse programs.


The WSWC will also identify and coordinate with the Western Federal Agency Support Team (WestFAST) and other technical or national organizations with common interests to co-host a workshop or symposia on water quality-quantity nexus issues, including the potential solutions of water reuse.

16 December 2019 WSWC Comment on Water Reuse Action Plan