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Federal Baseline Water Quality Standards (WQS) for Indian Reservations

On August 4, 2023, the public comment period ended for the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) proposed rule on Federal Baseline Water Quality Standards (WQS) for Indian Reservations (88 FR 29496). The WSWC Submitted a comment letter based on Policy Position #490, Water Quality Standards, Protecting Tribal Reserved Rights, and Federal Baseline Water Quality Standards for Indian Reservations.

Twelve of our western states submitted separate comments – AK, AZ, CO, ID, MT, NE, ND, NV, OK, SD, TX, WY.  Additionally, eight state attorneys’ general submitted a joint comment letter to EPA Administrator Michael Regan from AK, ID, KS, MS, NE, ND, SC, and SD.  See letters below.

August 2023 WSWC Letter to EPA re: federal baseline WQS

Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation

Arizona Department of Environmental Quality

Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment

Idaho Department of Environmental Quality

Montana Department of Environmental Quality

Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy

North Dakota
North Dakota Department of Water Resources

Nevada Division of Environmental Protection

Oklahoma Office of the Secretary of Energy and Environment

South Dakota
South Dakota Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Texas Commission on Environmental Quality

Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality

Attorneys’ General
Joint Comment Letter