Update and Feedback Session

On March 26, 2024, the project partners provided an update on the progress that has been made since the Introductory Webinar was held in December 2023. Based on the Integrated Water Financing Plan survey responses, activities culled from state-wide plans, and feedback from partner agencies, the planning process has evolved. The one-hour virtual interactive session provided an overview of the revised planning process plus opportunities for input on the project. Click here to view the recording and the presentation slides.

Click here to download the one-page Project Description Flyer

Project Background

This project builds on the recommendations in the recently released 50-year Water Action Plan (nm.gov) and in the 2022 Water Task Force report (nmwater.org) The Integrated Water Financing Plan aims to accelerate progress on these recommendations by:

  • Securing more one-time federal funding for water projects and initiatives.
  • Connecting federal funds to existing and new tribal and state water programs.
  • Developing innovative financing approaches leveraging state, federal, and local resources.

Integrated Water Financing Plan elements:

  • Build on previous efforts, compile water resources activities from relevant state plans and survey results.
  • Identify candidate activities for financing strategy workshops in partnership with state and federal agencies.
  • Collaboratively develop a financing plan for selected activities with a focus on maximizing federal funds.
  • Identify barriers to accessing funds and recommend solutions along with resources for implementation.


A survey was also designed to inventory water resource projects, programs, and initiatives that could benefit from federal funding, assess new federal funds already secured in New Mexico, and understand lessons learned from previous efforts to secure federal funding. To fill out the survey, go to New Mexico Integrated Water Financing Plan Survey (arcgis.com).

For questions or feedback, contact:

Tanya Trujillo, Deputy State Engineer and Governor’s Water Policy Advisor, 505-487-6083 or Tanya.Trujillo@OSE.NM.gov

Wendy Blackwell, Coordination and Facilitation Lead, 505-469-8683 or Wendy.Blackwell@SWCA.com

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