To assist with the design and scope of this project, the Water Information and Data Subcommittee has authorized the formation of four workgroups. These workgroups will provide technical, policy, and scientific expertise to the project team, and help with some of the initial design. These workgroups will cover the following four areas:

  • State Capabilities Assessment Workgroup: This workgroup is charged with evaluating the current capabilities of the western states with respect to water allocation, supply, and demand data.
  • Methods Workgroup: This workgroup will evaluate the existing science for estimating water availability and consumptive use. They will catalog and document the existing methods. Additionally, they will identify gaps and needs for further science and new methodologies for estimating water availability and consumptive use.
  • Data Exchange Template (Schema Development) Workgroup: This workgroup will begin by identifying the data elements necessary for exchanging data. Once the data elements are agreed upon, they will work to develop a data exchange schema (a standard format using eXtensible Markup Language (XML) for transferring data).
  • Data Exchange Methodology Workgroup: This workgroup will research the existing field of data exchange technologies. They will evaluate existing state, federal, and academic data exchange collaborations and make recommendations as to which approach should be taken.

– NOTE: Workgroups 3 and 4 will be transitioning over to an Integrated Project Team (IPT) format within the EPA Exchange Network governance structure in early 2014. The agenda and minutes will be published here also. Many thanks to our Workgroup membership for their continued effort on this project.

Any state or federal employees who are interested in joining one of these workgroups may contact Sara Larsen (saralarsen (at) for more information.