WaDE Central Portal (Beta)

Thanks again to our WaDE partners who are plugged into WaDE and willing to share their valuable data with our users!


Greetings! Welcome to the Water Data Exchange (WaDE) Central Portal Gateway. In order to access the WaDE portal we ask that you first register with the WSWC. This allows us to not only provide some security for WaDE web services, but also allows us to work collaboratively with users, who can provide feedback and also receive updates as the WaDE data schema evolves.

As a user of WaDE data, please use caution when accessing WaDE information, especially when comparing datasets between different agencies/states to ensure that the methods/metadata for any information is “fit” for your intended use. For a brief tutorial on how the types of data that are shared in WaDE and how to access them, please watch the presentation below.