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WIDS Spring Meeting – February 2018

WIDS Spring Meeting – February 2018

WIDS Spring Mtg – February 2018 – Meeting Agenda
WIDS Spring Mtg – February 2018 – Meeting Minutes

Meeting Summary: The WIDS group discussed the cloud survey results and report. The recent WIMS workshop was reviewed. A WaDE status update was given, and proposed changes to the WaDE schema and architecture were reviewed. It was agreed to conduct another WIMS workshop in 2019, but not more frequently than annually.

Action Items:

  1. Review cloud vendor costs with the states that responded that they use the cloud. Add any figures to the cloud report. – Sara
  2. Send outline for cloud report, send Sara any feedback – WIDS
  3. Sara will contact Sam about TWDB visit – Sara
  4. Review schema docs and provide any suggestions for additions and deletions. – WIDS

Meeting Materials:

  • WIMS Workshop Summary
  • Cloud Report Outline
  • Proposed WaDE Schema Changes (proposed changes are highlighted in orange)
    ** The file above is a Data Exchange Template file that describes each WaDE data element for its XML placement. The numbering of each row of targeted data does not imply a priority. Summary/aggregated data is gathered first (the top half of data elements), then site-specific/detailed data (e.g. water rights, diversions, etc.).