Aggregated Budget Data

Aggregated water use, supply, and transfers may be estimated or calculated from user-reported data over reporting units (i.e. water budgets). A water resource agency’s water budget estimate is most often estimated annually with a one year lag time. Water budgets within a basin have historically been categorized by both withdrawals (i.e., how much water was taken from a stream, spring, or reservoir) and consumptive use (i.e., how much water was used or depleted by the application of the water withdrawal).

Each state has a unique water budget system and vocabulary and Water Data Exchange (WaDE) program enables streamlined access to all the states’ water rights at a high granularity of the data with the same metadata and structure using one query method.  New water budgets are being continually added where the water is available for use.

Below is a summary of the water budget data that has been imported into WaDE.  Each link contains…

  • GitHub Code Link: a breakdown of where the water rights data came from and how it was processed to fit into the WaDE environment.


  • Google Drive Raw and Processed Data Link: google drive storage of the raw source data provided by the state agency (i.e., RawInputData) and the processed data fit into the WaDE environment (i.e., ProcessedInputData).


State GitHub Code Link Google Drive Raw and Processed Data Link Last Updated
Arizona (AZ link) (AZ link) 2/7/2022
California (CA link) (CA link) 2/11/2022
Colorado (CO link) (CO link) 12/15/2022
Nebraska (NE link) (NE link) 5/2/2022
New Mexico (NM link) (NM link) 5/3/2022
Nevada (NV link) (NV link) 6/14/2021
Texas (TX link) (TX link) 6/14/2022
Utah (UT link) (UT link) 2/9/2022
Wyoming (WY link) (WY link) 2/8/2022