WOTUS regional approach pre-workshop 2: Operationalizing regional concepts in western states

The Western States Water Council hosted a series of workshops over the summer to further explore technical and policy elements of a regional approach to Waters of the United States (WOTUS) definitions.  This was the second workshop held.

This workshop focused on the operational aspects of regional approaches to WOTUS.  It followed the first pre-workshop that was held on June 21, which focused on regional classification schemes that could be applied to WOTUS determinations.  Both pre-workshops were intended to be technical in nature and provide input to a policy focused discussion at the WOTUS workshop held in conjunction with the Council’s regular scheduled summer meetings in Polson, Montana. The output of both pre-workshops will be a technical white paper.

Meeting Materials

Interactive Map of Regional Classification Schemes

Overview of the Workshop (Video)


Tracie Nadeau, Environmental Scientist, EPA Region 10: Streamflow Duration Assessment Methods Covering the West (Video)

Shelly Lemon, Surface Water Quality Bureau Chief, New Mexico Environment Department: New Mexico’s Hydrology Protocol for Surface Water Quality Management (Video)

Erin Jordan, Value Stream Manager, Arizona Department of Environmental Quality: Jurisdictional Evaluations in Arizona (Video)

Joshua Seeds, Forest Water Quality Analyst, Oregon Department of Environmental Quality: Water Typing & Protections during Forestry Operations in Oregon (Video)

Eric Hargett, Monitoring Program Assistant Supervisor, Water Quality Division, Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality: Estimating Flow Duration at Regional Scales Using Empirical Models – A Concept (Video)


Jul 11 2022


10:30 am - 1:30 pm

The event is finished.