WSWC Spring 2021 (195th) Meetings

The WSWC Spring (195th) Meetings were hosted virtually by the State of Texas on March 23-25, 2021.

WSWC Briefing Materials – Spring 2021 Meetings

Executive Committee Minutes_Virtual Spring Meeting – Mar 5, 2021
Water Resources Committee _Virtual_Spring Meeting – Mar 24, 2021
Water Quality Committee Minutes – Virtual Spring Meeting – March 24, 2021
Legal Committee Minutes – Virtual Spring Meeting – March 25, 2021
Full Council (195th) Minutes – Virtual Spring Meeting – March 25, 2021

MEETING SCHEDULE – Schedule of Meetings – Spring 2021 – March 23-25

Friday, March 5 (Mountain Standard Time)
1:00 pm          Executive Committee Meeting 
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Tuesday, March 23  (Mountain Daylight Time)
1:00 pm         Meet and Greet
1:45 pm         Overview of the New Website Design
2:00 pm         Texas Host State Presentation / Virtual Field Trip

Wednesday, March 24
9:00 am        Water Resources Committee
12:30 pm      Water Quality Committee

Thursday, March 25
9:00 am        Legal Committee
12:30 pm      WSWC Full Council (195th) Meeting


March 23, 2021
Host State Presentations:
Texas Water Development Board (TWDB), Brooke T. Paup, Director, TWDB
Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ), Earl Lott, Director, Office of Water, TCEQ
Virtual Rio Grande Field Trip – Video 

March 24, 2021
Water Resources Committee
FLOODS and PRECIP Act Needs and Benefits, Bill McCormick, President, Association of State Dam Safety Officials/Chief, Colorado Dam Safety
Corps Alternative Financing Program, Aaron Snyder, Program Manager
Texas State Water Planning, Financing, & Infrastructure, Kathleen Ligon, Special Advisory to Executive Administrator, TWDB
The WSWC Water Data Exchange (WaDE) Program: Update and Demo, Adel Abdallah, Program Manager, WaDE and Ryan James, Data Analyst

Water Quality Committee
Regulatory Authority for Oil and Gas Facility Discharges, David Galindo, Director, TCEQ
California Desal, Wendy Ridderbusch, Executive Director

March 25, 2021
Legal Committee
Universal Access to Clean and Safe Water, Bidtah Becker, Associate Attorney, Navajo Tribal Utility Authority, and Anne Castle, Senior Fellow, Getches-Wilkinson Center, University of Colorado Law School
Allocation of Conserved Water, Tom Byler, Director, Oregon Water Resources Department

195th Full Council Meeting
San Antonio’s Vista Ridge Pipeline Project, Weir Labatt, Retired, Central Texas Regional Supply Corporation
WestFAST Update, Patrick Lambert, WestFAST Chair


Mar 23 - 25 2021


All day

The event is finished.