Spring (177th) Council Meeting

The Spring (177th) Council meetings were held near Tulsa, Oklahoma on April 15, 2015 – April 17, 2015 at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tulsa.

BRIEFING MATERIALS:   WSWC 177th Meeting Briefing Materials_2015April_reduced (35.87 MB)

Water Resources Committee
Executive Committee
Water Quality Committee
Legal Committee
Full Council Minutes – Tulsa

SCHEDULE OF EVENTS: Schedule of Meetings

Water Resources Committee Agenda
Executive Committee Agenda
Water Quality Committee Agenda
Legal Committee Agenda
177th Full Council Meeting Agenda


Water Resources Committee
Water Data Exchange (WaDE) Update – Sara Larsen
Federal Water Data Activities and Coordination – Pat Lambert, WestFAST Liaison
USACE Drought Authorities – Mike Abate, Chief, Civil works Branch, Tulsa District, USACE
NOAA’s California Drought Service Assessment – Kevin Werner, Western Region, NOAA
ESA Issues in the Southwest: An Overview – Andrew Hautzinger, US Fish & Wildlife Service and Daniel Fenner, USFWS, OK Ecological Services
WestFAST Plans and Future Directions – Pat Lambert, WestFAST Liaison

Water Quality Committee
 Quality of the Nation’s Groundwater 1991-2010 – Gary Rowe, Regional NAWQA Program Office, Entral Region, USGS
Water-Quality and Induced Seismic Activity related to Water-Use and Disposal for Oil and Gas Development: A teaser on new work and products – Pat Lambert, WestFAST Liaison

Legal Committee
Indian Water Settlements and the Earmark Ban – David Mullon, Venable LLP

Full Council (177th) Meeting
Oklahoma’s Water Resources – J.D. Strong, Oklahoma Water Resources Board
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Tulsa District– Mike Abate, Chief, Civil works Branch, Tulsa District, USACE