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Western State Water Program Capabilities Assessment Update Report 2022

In June 2014, WSWC published a “Western State Water Program Capabilities Assessment Survey & Report,” which was the culmination of extensive meetings, conversations, and written responses to a survey.[1] The survey sought to understand how the States collect, generate, manage, and share water data to inform building an effective WaDE framework for exchanging water data. Since then, the report and its findings have helped guide WaDE’s efforts during the past decade.

This 2022 update focuses on current state capabilities for sharing water rights and water use data, recognizing improvements over the past decade. The report is based on WSWC staff experiences working with state agency staff, a review of States’ documents and webpages, presentations at a National Water Use Data Workshop hosted by the WSWC, together with the Internet of Water Coalition, Interstate Council on Water Policy, and U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) in Salt Lake City, Utah, in August 2022,[2] as well as direct state communications and feedback.

The report is available for download here. Note that the report, for now, includes an introduction with a summary of the findings and that individual state updates will follow.


[1] Western State Water Program Capabilities Assessment Report: https://westernstateswater.org/publications/2014/western-state-water-program-capabilities-assessment-report

[2] The 2022 National Water Use Data Workshop, Salt Lake City, UT:  https://westernstateswater.org/events/2022-national-water-use-data-workshop/