The 2022 National Water Use Data Workshop, Salt Lake City UT

The 2022 National Water Use Data Workshop in collaboration between the Western States Water Council Water Information Management Systems (WIMS) Group, U.S. Geological Survey, Interstate Council on Water Policy, and Internet of Water, was held on August 16-18, in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Workshop Goals
• Provide a platform for state agencies’ staff to learn from each other about the latest efforts related to water data management and sharing.
• Engage state IT and water resources management staff with the USGS National Water Use Data and Research (WUDR) and the Water Data Exchange (WaDE) Programs.
• Exchange the latest developments on water use data sharing methods and how states can benefit from them.
• Identify challenges related to states data-sharing efforts and potential solutions to consider.

Focus Areas
• Present on programs or initiatives related to improving data collection, sharing, and access to water use data.
• Present on historic monthly/annual site-specific water withdrawals and use data reporting and sharing efforts.
• Present on data gaps and ways that have been developed to fill them. Present on metadata for water use information.

2022 National Water Use Data Workshop Summary Report

Water Use Data Workshop Briefing Materials

Welcome Remarks: U.S. Representative Melanie Stansbury (NM) (video)


Tuesday, August 16, 2022
USGS Water Use Vision: Jaime Painter, USGS Water Mission Area

WSWC Water Data Exchange (WaDE) Program Water Use Data Sharing: Adel Abdallah, WSWC
Discussion on the Obstacles, Perceived or Real, to Getting WUDR Grants, and Regional Grant Ideas and Strategies: Erik Smith, USGS

USGS Water Use Modeling: Richard Niswonger, USGS
OpenET Update (Utah, California, and Oregon pilot study): Forrest Melton, NASA Western Water Applications Office
Oregon’s Statewide ET project to Update Irrigation Consumptive Use Data: Jordan Beamer, Oregon Water Resources Department

California Water Data Consortium: Advancing Urban Water Use Data Sharing and Access:Tara Moran, California Water Data Consortium
New Mexico Water Data Initiative: Stacy Timmons, New Mexico Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources
Developing the Texas Water Data Hub: Taylor Christian, Texas Water Development Board

Wednesday, August 17, 2022
Internet of Water Geoconnex Update – New Mexico Pilot Study: Kyle Onda, Internet of Water Initiative, Center for Geospatial Solutions at the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy
Utah’s Open Water Data Website: Aaron Austin, Utah Division of Water Resources and James Reese, Utah Division of Water Rights
Real-time Groundwater Management with Big Data and the Internet of Things – Examples from the Twin Platte Natural Resources District Water Data Program: James Schneider, Olsson, and Kathleen Elmquist, Environmental Science Associates Sitka
How Colorado’s Decision Support Systems (CDSS) Hosts and Shares Water Data: Brian Macpherson, Colorado Water Conservation Board

USGS Data Insights: Cheryl Dieter, USGS Water Mission Area
New Jersey’s Methods in Estimating Water Use and Sharing Data: Kent Barr, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
Wyoming Data Sharing Efforts: Melinda Fegler, Wyoming State Engineer’s Office
The Great Lakes Regional Water Use Database – Data Collection, Analysis and Reporting Protocols: James Polidori, Great Lakes Commission
Reported Water Uses in the Potomac River Basin Stephanie Nummer-Fantozz, Interstate Commission on the Potomac River Basin. (virtual)

Kansas Water Use Data Collection and Database Migration: David Engelhaupt and Andy Terhune, Kansas Department of Agriculture
Alaska Water Use Data System: Kevin Petrone, Alaska Department of Natural Resources
New Mexico Water Use Data: Collection, Reporting, and Sharing: Julie Valdez, New Mexico Office of the State Engineer
Susquehanna River Basin Cumulative Water Use and Availability Study: John Balay, Susquehanna River Basin Commission
Upper Colorado River Basin Consumptive Use and Loss Reporting: James Prairie, Upper Colorado Region Office, Bureau of Reclamation

Washington Data Sharing Efforts: Andrea Lauden, Washington State Department of Ecology
Water Use Data Improvements for Nebraska: Jennifer Schellpeper, Nebraska Department of Natural Resources
Water Use Reporting in Oklahoma and Future Goals: Jason Tutkowski, Oklahoma Water Resources Board

Thursday, August 18, 2022
Major Water Users in Missouri: Trevor Ellis, Missouri Department of Natural Resources
Indiana’s Water Use Registration and Reporting Program: Mark Basch, Indiana Department of Natural Resources, Division of Water
Water Withdrawal and Consumptive Use Estimates for the Delaware River Basin (1990-2017) With Projections Through 2060: Michael Thompson, Delaware River Basin Commission
Virginia’s Approach to Addressing Water Use Data Gaps: Ryan Green, Virginia Department of Environmental Quality

Information about the previous workshop is available here

(2019) Water Information Management Systems (WIMS) Workshop & USGS Water Use Collaboration


Aug 16 - 18 2022


All day
Utah Department of Environmental Quality Building


Utah Department of Environmental Quality Building
Utah Department of Environmental Quality, 195 North 1950 West, Salt Lake City, UT 84116
Western States Water Council


Western States Water Council

Other Organizers

Interstate Council on Water Policy
Interstate Council on Water Policy
United States Geological Survey
United States Geological Survey
Internet of water
Internet of water

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