Policy Resolutions

Formally-adopted positions of the Western States Water Council


#484 – Hydraulic Fracturing

#484 - Hydraulic Fracturing WHEREAS, hydraulic fracturing is a process that injects sand, water, and other fluids, including various chemical compounds, underground to aid in the extraction of oil and natural gas; and  WHEREAS, hydraulic fracturing has been used for...

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#481 – Clean Water Act Jurisdiction

#481 - Clean Water Act Jurisdiction Position #481 (April 6, 2022) WHEREAS, the Clean Water Act (CWA) is built upon the principle of cooperative federalism in which Congress intended the states, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the U.S. Army Corps of...

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#479 – Renewable Hydropower Development

#479 - Renewable Hydropower Development Position #479 (April 6, 2022) WHEREAS, the water and hydropower resources of the West have been developed through partnerships between energy and water users, and continue to be inextricably connected; and WHEREAS, clean,...

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#478 – Rural Water Infrastructure Needs & Projects

#478 – Supporting Rural Water Infrastructure Needs & Projects Position #478  (April 6, 2022) WHEREAS, much of the West is characterized by its aridity and drought which highlights the fact that water availability is an ever present constraint defining our economic...

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