Spring 2017 (183rd) Council Meetings

The WSWC Spring (183rd) Council Meetings were held in Nebraska City, Nebraska on April 12-14, 2017.

BRIEFING BOOK: Nebraska City, NE – 183rd Council Meetings (15.7MB)


Nebraska Host State Report -Nebraska City, NE
Executive Committee Minutes – Nebraska City, NE
Water Quality Minutes – Nebraska City, NE

Legal Committee – Nebraska City, NE
Water Resources Committee – Nebraska City, NE
Full Council Minutes – Nebraska City, NE

MEETINGS SCHEDULE:  Nebraska City, Nebraska – April 12-14, 2017 – Schedule of Meetings. The Honorable Pete Ricketts, Governor of Nebraska, addressed Council members on Friday morning, April 14.

Water Resources Committee – April 13

Executive Committee – April 13
Water Quality Committee – April 13
Legal Committee – April 13
Full Council Committee – April 14

Water Resources Committee
USGS Nebraska Water Science Center Activities – Bob Swanson, Director
National Integrated Drought Information System (NIDIS) for the Missouri River Basin – Doug Kluck, NOAA Regional Climate Services Director, Central Region
NASA Earth Science Applications for Water Resource Management – Danielle Wood, NASA Goddard Applied Sciences Manager

Water Quality Committee
Gold King Mine Spill: New Mexico Long-Term Impact Team Monitoring Update – Dennis McQuillan, Chief Scientist, New Mexico
Colorado Mine Impacted Stream Task Force – Skip Feeney, Mine Impacted Stream Expert, Colorado Water Quality Control Division
The Gold King Mine Spill Update on Utah’s Monitoring and Assessment Efforts – Walt Baker, Director, Utah Division of Water Quality

Legal Committee
An Overview of Dakota Access Pipeline Issues: A North Dakota Perspective – Jennifer Verleger, ND Assistant Attorney General
Physical Water Transfers and the Federal Clean Water Act – Peter Nichols, Special Assistant Attorney General to Colorado and New Mexico
Tribal Water Settlement Summary – Oklahoma Water Resources Board – Julie Cunningham, Executive Director, Oklahoma Water Resources Board

183rd Full Council Meeting
NRD Water Management in Nebraska – Dean Edson, Executive Director, NE Association of Resources Districts
Platte River Recovery Implementation Program – Dr. Jerry Kenny, Executive Director