WSWC Fall 2020 (194th) Meetings (held via webinar)

The Fall 2020 (194th) Meetings were held as a virtual event October 13-15, 2020.

Schedule of Meetings /Agenda

Tuesday, October 13
Time (MDT)                     Meeting                           Adjournment
1:30 pm        Water Quality Committee                  4:00 pm
4:00 pm        Virtual Social Hour                             5:00 pm

Wednesday, October 14
   9:00 am        Water Resources Committee          11:30 am
Break  (30 min)
12:00 pm        Special Session: Waters of the United States (WOTUS) Mapping              1:30 pm

Thursday, October 15
12:30 pm      Legal Committee                                   3:00 pm
Break  (15 min)
3:15 pm        194th Full Council Meeting     4:00 pm

Briefing Materials (download) (23  MB)
WSWC Fall 2020 (194th) Meetings Briefing Materials

Executive Committee Minutes_Virtual Fall Meeting – Sep. 28, 2020
Water Quality Committee Minutes – Virtual Fall Meetings – October 13 2020
Water Resources Committee – Virtual Fall Meeting – October 14, 2020
Legal Committee Minutes – Virtual Fall Meetings – October 15 2020
Full Council (194th) Meeting Minutes – Virtual Fall Meetings – October 15, 2020


Special Session   Aquatic Resource Mapping
Presentations by:
Dwane Young, Chief Water Data, Integration Branch, U.S. EPA, Office of Water
Jason Stoker, PhD, Acting Chief, Topographic Data Services, USGS National Geospatial Program
Megan Lang, Chief Scientist, National Wetlands Inventory
Jay Christensen, Research Ecologist, Office of Research and Development, Safe and Sustainable Water Resources Program, U.S. EPA

Water Quality Committee

Utah’s Harmful Algal Bloom Program – Erica Gaddis, Director, Utah Division of Water Quality
Kansas HAB Update – Tom Stiles, Chief, Office of Watershed Planning, Kansas Department of Health & Environment

Water Resources Committee

USGS Water Mission Area Update – Don Cline, Associate Director, Water Resources Mission Area, U.S. Geological Survey
Western Regional Partnership: Overview – Water Security – Amy Duffy, Coordinator, Western Regional Partnership
Sub-Seasonal to Seasonal (S2S) Precipitation Forecasting – Jeanine Jones, P.E., Interstate Resources Manager, California Dept of Water Resources
Water Data Exchange (WaDE) 2.0 Update – Adel Abdallah, WaDE Program Manager and Ryan James, Data Analyst/Hydroinformatics Specialist

Legal Committee

CERCLA Permits and State Water Rights – Kenneth Titus, Chief Counsel, Kansas Department of Agriculture
Mineral County Litigation – Nevada Public Trust Doctrine – Micheline Fairbank, Deputy Administrator, Water Rights, Nevada Division of Water Resources

194th Council Meeting

WestFAST Update – Oct 2020 – Patrick Lambert, WestFAST Chair
2021 SECURE Water Act (SWA) Report – Avra Morgan, Water Resources and Planning Office, Bureau of Reclamation


Oct 13 - 15 2020

The event is finished.